Q: What is BMW LVDS?

Re: On the back of the original display, there is one connector connected to the original car monitor, we call it LVDS.

                   Original LVDS (Example)

What kind of LVDS BMW Radio Head unit contains?

There are three kinds of BMW LVDS connector: 10 PIN, 4 PIN, 6 PIN, it has some relationship with the original BMW System (CCC, CIC, NBT, EVO)

factory bmw LVDS types

When you replace with our android screen, you need to insert the factory LVDS to our model, so that the original car functions can display on our android screen correctly.


Why check the LVDS?

To confirm the car compatibility, sometimes need to check the type of LVDS (4pin/6pin/10pin, etc), especially when the produced year of your car is just in between the two car generations.

Here is one example: one of our customers has the BMW 1 series F20, left-hand drive, car model from 2014, and he offers the photo showed as below

As we know, the car produced from 2013-2016 should be NBT System (6 pins LVDS), but his car is 2014 with the CIC system, as we know the CIC system should have 4 pins LVDS.

In this case, it needs to open the dashboard and check the factory LVDS connector on the back of the factory screen, to see it is 6 PIN or 4 PIN. After talking with the customer, he opens the dashboard and offers us the photo, it shows 6 PIN, thus, we recommend our B211 to his car.

6 pin factory bmw lvds


Some friends might feel that is too troublesome to open the dashboard and check it's LVDS, but for this special case, this is the only way to check the car compatibility. But this is just an exceptional case, it just about 1%~2% case that needs to open the dashboard.


Most of the time, we just need to get one photo of the dashboard (with the factory main menu: CCC, CIC, NBT, EVO), then we will know the car compatibility.