10.25'' BMW Z4 E85 E86 2002-2009 Android 13 GPS screen Wireless CarPlay Android Auto

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  • 10.25'' BMW Z4 E85 E86 2002-2009 Android 13 GPS screen with ID8 Interface for car without OEM screen
10.25'' BMW Z4 E85 E86 2002-2009 Android 13 GPS screen with ID8 Interface for car without OEM screen 10.25'' BMW Z4 E85 E86 2002-2009 Android 13 GPS screen for the car with OEM screen 10.25'' BMW Z4 E85 E86 2002-2009 Android 13 GPS screen Wireless CarPlay Android Auto 10.25'' BMW Z4 E85 E86 2002-2009 Android 13 GPS navigation system

10.25'' BMW Z4 E85 E86 2002-2009 Android 13 GPS screen Wireless CarPlay Android Auto

89 in stock
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$630.00 $549.00 -13%
  • 10.25'' BMW Z4 E85 E86 2002-2009 Android 13 GPS screen Wireless CarPlay Android Auto

    10.25'' HD 1280*480 display, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, the Apple Carplay /Android Auto is optional, support ALL original car radio function.

    Note: Anti-glare Blue Ray screen is available, you can choose this type of screen now,
    What is the difference of Anti-glare screen & Anti-reflection screen? click here.

    BMW Z4 E85 E86 Android GPS navi screen with latest ID8 interface

    Car Compatibility

      BMW Z4 E85 E86 (2002-2009)

      Note: If the car without OEM screen, it need to make a hole to fix the screen; even the car with OEM screen, the storage box also not fit perfectly, thus, it need to have some modification for the OEM dashboard, in order to fix the bracket of screen.

      For this model, it has two different versions :
      1) When car without OEM screen, we offer
      the model without LVDS connector (Model: B214) ;
      2) When the car with OEM screen, we offer
      the model with LVDS cable which connect to OEM video connection (Model: B283D-1)

      We will check your car model and offer you the right version, please send us your photo of car interior, and let us know: if your car with AUX-in port or not.

       BMW Z4 E85 E86 Android GPS navigation screen wireless CarPlay android Auto

      Latest BMW ID8 User Interface
      ID7 & ID6 Also available

      This BMW Android screen with latest BMW ID8 User interface,
      also, the ID7/ID6 UI still be available. You can set your interested UI in factory setting interface freely, no need firmware upgrade.

      bmw id8 user interface

      products UI -with latest ID7 bmw menu
      bmw evo id5 id6 user interface

      Android 13 OS, 4GB/8GB RAM+64GB/128GB/256GB ROM Optional

      The newest Android OS improves memory usage across the platform to ensure that apps can run efficiently on devices with 4GB/8GB RAM.
      You can install as much as apps without worrying, enjoy faster startup speed, quickest response, and smoothest user experience. No lags anymore.

      BMW Z4 E85 E86 Android GPS navi screen can install tons of Apps 

      Keep BMW Original car functions

      Upgrade to a modern car stereo without any losing anything

      After replaced with this screen, your car still remains ALL original car functions: such as factory Radio, CD, Steering wheel control, parking radar, and car info settings, etc.


      Wireless Apple Carplay + Android Auto [Optional]

      A Smart Way to Use Your Phone in the Car

      Just simply connect the Android screen to your phone, you can use navigation, make calls, send and receive messages, and enjoy music etc. A smarter, safer and more fun way to use your iPhone/Android device in the car. You can control it via Touch screen, iDrive knob, or smart voice assistant.

      BMW Z4 E85 E86 Android GPS navi screen Wireless Carplay Android Auto


      iPhone (iOS) (for Apple Carplay) : Wireless connection, recommend " Built-in Carplay...", or "wireless dongle".
      Android Phone (Android Auto):  If your phone support Wireless Android Auto, recommend " Built-in Carplay..." (Wireless connection). Video Demo

      Built-in GPS Navigation

      Support Google map, Waze, iGo, Navitel, Sygic, etc,
      Never Worry About Getting Lost now!

      You can easily by using the online/ offline map or purchasing a map card.
      It can quickly run all navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, etc.
      and offer up-to-date roadway information and concise driving directions.
        BMW Z4 E85 E86 Android GPS navi screen support igo,sygic,google map etc


          Support Bluetooth & A2DP

          Bluetooth 5.0 & A2DP

          Hands-Free Calling and Audio Streaming
          Support factory Bluetooth

          Ability to stream Spotify and Pandora from your phone via Bluetooth to enjoy millions of songs you like, and make hands-free calling while driving


            Built-in WiFi and support 4G LTE

            Built-in Wi-Fi, Support 4G LTE
            Using Internet Anywhere Just Got Easier

            Using your smartphone to create a hotspot or install a Wi-Fi router. So many ways for internet accessing.
            You can watch online movies, browse the website, or download a great road trip app with no worries.

            Support 4K Video & Split screen

            This android screen support HD 4 K video, it also support PIP (Picture In Picture) and Split screen

            BMW Z4 E85 E86 Android GPS navi screen support 4K video playback and split screen

            Other Features

            other features of products - usb/ sd, dimmer function, picture in picture etc

            What in the package?

            1 x Android screen,
            1 x Power cable,
            1 x GPS antenna,
            1 x 4G antenna
            1 x 2*USB (1 x MIC input)
            1x RCA(DVR/TV in),
            1 x AUX cable.
            1 x Installation guide.

            Optional Accessories (Extra cost)

            Backup camera

            Car DVR Dashcam

            Products Description 

              Android 13 model:

              • CPU: Qualcomm snapdragon 662(SM6115)
              • Octa-core CPU [4 * A73 (2.0Ghz) + 4 * A53 (1.8Ghz)]
              • Adreno™ 610 GPU(950Mhz), Samsung 11nm
              • Storage using EMCP chip, included eMMC 5.1 & LPDDR4x eMMC 5.1
              • Android 13.0 Operating System
              • RAM: 4GB/8GB
              • ROM: 64GB/128GB/256GB
              • Bluetooth 5.0


              Support 4G LTE 
              • (Note: 4G LTE is depends on your local network service, we NOT guarantee this function will work in your side! Once more, the North America version & European / Asia version with different chipset, if you buy the North America version and bring it to European country, it NOT support EU 4G network!

              • North America:
                GSM: 850 / 900 / 1900
                EVDO: BC0
                WCDMA: B2, B4, B5, B8
                TD-SCDMA: B34, B39
                FDD-LTE: B2, B4, B5, B7, B8
                TDD-LTE: B38, B41
                (North America including: USA, Canada,Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala B2/B5, Peru, Colombia)
                Remark: The 4GB+64GB model without North America 4G version, we will ship you EU/Asia model; if you do need this function, please choose 8GB+128GB or 8GB+256GB)


              • Europe & Asia( others):

                GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800
                EVDO: BC0
                WCDMA: B1, B5, B8
                TD-SCDMA: B34, B39
                FDD-LTE: B1, B3, B5, B7, B8
                TDD-LTE: B38, B39, B40, B41
                (Europe & Asia version also fit below countries: Russia, New zealand, Uruguay, middle East, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, South Africa, Reunion)

                Q: What kind of 4G Brand/Models compatible with the BMW android screen? Click here

              •  Common features:
              • 10.25'' Digital LCD screen
              • HD IPS touch screen
              • Anti-reflection screen HD 1280*480P (default)
              • Anti-glare Blue-Ray screen 1280*480P (optional, Add extra cost)
              • Multi-touch screen, same touch screen as on your smartphone, click, drag, open smooth w/O any delay.
              • 1 SD card slot, SD Max support 32GB.
              • 2 USB ports, USB Max support 64GB.
              • Support Video Format:1080P H264/MP4/AVI/RMVB/FLV/MKV
              • Support Audio Format: MP3/WMA/FLAC/APE/AAC
              • Built-in WiFi, internet browsing,youtube,facebook etc.
              • Support 4G LTE
              • Apple Carplay (Android Auto) optional
              • Support Video Picture In Picture Function
              • Built-in High Sensitivity GPS receiver
              • External GPS Antenna
              • Support Online/offline Maps, like iGo, Sygic, Navitel, Google maps, Waze and so on
              • Support 2D/3D maps
              • Support Navigation Voice Guidance
              • GPS Sound comes from Front-left Speaker when running radio.
              • GPS Dual zone Function: You can watch the GPS menu while listening to the radio(FM) at the same time.
              • Built-in Bluetooth module, Syn contacts on your phone
              • Support name search
              • Support Bluetooth Music (A2DP)
              • Support Original Bluetooth
              • Built-in Microphone
              • Compatible with Original Display 6.5'' 8.8'' 10.25''
              • Compatible with/Without Optic fiber.
              • Compatible with/Without original navigation.
              • Support Original Backup camera & Parking trajectory/Radar.
              • Support Original radio, original car information display, settings, etc.
              • Support iDrvie control in the Original Menu.
              • Support IDrive control in Android Menu
              • Support AUX Switch automatically.
              • Support Steering Wheel Control
              • Support factory BMW Canbus
              • Plug & play, support ALL original car functions.


              Note:  The old BMW Z4 E85 E86, it can NOT show the RPM & Speed In "dashboard
               "interface, (since the old BMW Z4 without these data transfer from OEM cars)
              , so, it just shows 0.00 in this interface:

              the dashboard not show speed car info for old cars.