10.25''Android Navigation GPS for BMW 5 series F07 GT support iDrive Carplay

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  • BMW F07 GT android car stereo
BMW F07 GT android car stereo aftermarket BMW F07 GT autoradio gps navigation BMW F07 GT car stereo support carplay android auto

10.25''Android Navigation GPS for BMW 5 series F07 GT support iDrive Carplay

67 in stock
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$670.00 $615.00 -8%
  • 10.25'' Android Navigation GPS For BMW 5 Series F07 GT(2011-2012, factory CIC system)

      Android 11 model: Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Chips, Octa-core CUP (4* A73 + 4*A53), Bluetooth 5.0, 6GB + 128GB.

      Andriod 10 model: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chips, Octa-core CPU (8* A53), Bluetooth 4.0, 4GB + 64GB.

      All support HD 1920*720 /1280*480 display, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, the Apple Carplay /Android Auto is optional (extra cost), support All original car iDrive/CIC system



         BMW 5 series F07 GT Navigation GPS with iD7 Menu

        Designed For

          BMW 5 Series F07 GT(2011-2012)
          Original Car with CIC system(LVDS: 4 PIN)
          Remark: If your car is NBT system, then should order [B268]
          Plug & play installation

          How to check if the CIC /NBT system in my car? Click here
          How to install this android screen? Click here

          Note: If the car with a middle (dash) speaker, the power cable is different, please let us know (you can write a remark when order it)

            Compatible with bmw cic system, with 4 pins lvds

            Latest BMW ID7 User Interface
            ID6/ ID5 UI optional

            Can set your interested UI in factory setting interface freely, no need firmware upgrade
            Note: The HD screen 1920*720 model NOT with ID5 interface, it just contains ID7 & ID6 menu ONLY.

            products UI -with latest ID7 bmw menu
            bmw evo id5 id6 user interface

            Android 11/10 OS, 4GB/6GB RAM+64GB/128GB ROM Optional

            The newest Android OS improves memory usage across the platform to ensure that apps can run efficiently on devices with 4GB/6GB Ram.

            You can install as much as apps without worrying, enjoy faster startup speed, quickest response, and smoothest user experience. No lags anymore.

             BMW 5 series F07 GT Andriod Navigation Head unit

            Keep Original car functions
            After installation

            After replaced with this screen, your car still remains ALL original car functions, such as Car Radio, CD/DVD, Bluetooth, Amplifier, Steering wheel control,
            the factory
            iDrive System/navigation / rearview camera and Parking Radar etc.

            Now you can upgrade to a modern car stereo without losing anything.

             BMW 5 F07 GT Navigation support factory idrive,steering wheel controls,parking

            Support Carplay & Android Auto [Optional]

            Plug and play, Touch screen operation

            Apple Carplay & Android auto is optional function (extra cost), it is plug and play, it can operate the functions via the touch screen


            BMW 5 series F07 GT Navigation support apple carplay

            The features of Apple Carplay & Android Auto

            All Android 10/11 models can be "built-in" Apple Carplay/ Android Auto; also can connect the External Wired or Wireless Carplay/Android Auto dongle.

            The features of Apple Carplay & Android Auto

            Notice: For android 11 model, when the built-in Apple Carplay in wired connection mode (connect the USB), the other android USB will stop working! But the iPhone Wireless (Carplay) mode, or Android phone wired / wireless Android auto mode without causing this problem.
            Our recommendation

            For iPhone users, when order the android 10 model, recommend external "Wireless Carplay Dongle" [CP-05]. When order android 11 model, the built-in Carplay "Zlink" is nice, it has great improvement compare to the Android 10 model!

            For Android phone users, if your phone support wireless Android Auto,
            we recommend built-in Android Auto "Zlink", if not, the external " Wired Carplay dongle" [CP-03] is recommend, that is the wired Android Auto with cheaper price.

            Built-in GPS Navigation

            Support Google map, Waze, iGo, Navitel, Sygic, etc,
            Never Worry About Getting Lost now!

            You can easily by using the online/ offline map or purchasing a map card.
            It can quickly run all navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, etc.
            and offer up-to-date roadway information and concise driving directions.


              BMW 5 series F07 GT Navigation GPS support igo,sygic,google map

                Bluetooth & A2DP

                Hands-Free Calling and Audio Streaming
                Support factory Bluetooth

                Ability to stream Spotify and Pandora from your phone via Bluetooth to enjoy millions of songs you like, and make hands-free calling while driving
                Built-in Microphone


                BMW 5 series F07 GT Navigation support bluetooth A2DP

                    Built-in Wi-Fi, Using Internet Anywhere Just Got Easier

                    Using your smartphone to create a hotspot or install a Wi-Fi router. So many ways for internet accessing.
                    You can watch online movies, browse the website, or download a great road trip app with no worries.

                    BMW 5 series F07 GT Navigation built-in wifi receiver, easy to access internet

                    Anti-reflection Screen

                    Anti-reflection screen can greatly improve the screen sharpness and have a wider view angle, we strongly recommend you the anti-reflection screen

                    BMW 5 series F07 GT Navigation with anti-reflection screen

                    Other Features

                    other features of products - usb/ sd, dimmer function, picture in picture etc

                     Accessories & Wire diagram
                    Accessories:1 x Power cable,1 x GPS antenna, 1 x 2*USB, 1x RCA(DVR/TV in),1 x AUX cable

                    bmw 5 f07 gt navigation accessories wire diagram

                    Products Description


                      Android 11 model:

                      • CPU: Qualcomm snapdragon 662(SM6115)
                      • Octa-core CPU [4 * A73 (2.0Ghz) + 4 * A53 (1.8Ghz)]
                      • Adreno™ 610 GPU(950Mhz), Samsung 11nm
                      • Storage using EMCP chip, included eMMC 5.1 & LPDDR4x eMMC 5.1
                      • Android 11.0 Operating System
                      • RAM:6GB, ROM:128GB
                      • Bluetooth 5.0


                      Andriod 10 models:
                      • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 (msm8953) 2.0 GHz
                      • 8x ARM Cortex A53, Octa-core CPU, Adreno™ 506 GPU
                      • Samsung 14nm
                      • With a built-in Quad core Mali400 graphics processor.
                      • Android 10.0 Operating System
                      • RAM: 4GB, ROM: 64GB
                      • Bluetooth 4.0


                      4G Support Brand (Qualcomm Snapdragon)
                      • (Note: 4G LTE is depends on your local network service, we NOT guarantee this function will work in your side! Once more, the North America version & European / Asia version is different (different 4G chipset), if you buy the North America version and bring it to European country, it NOT support EU 4G network!


                      • North America:
                        GSM: 850 / 900 / 1900
                        EVDO: BC0
                        WCDMA: B2, B4, B5, B8
                        TD-SCDMA: B34, B39
                        FDD-LTE: B2, B4, B5, B7, B8
                        TDD-LTE: B38, B41
                      • Europe & Asia( others):

                        GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800
                        EVDO: BC0
                        WCDMA: B1, B5, B8
                        TD-SCDMA: B34, B39
                        FDD-LTE: B1, B3, B5, B7, B8
                        TDD-LTE: B38, B39, B40, B41


                      •  Common features:
                        • Display:

                        • 10.25 inch Capacitative Touch screen
                        • Anti-reflection screen
                        • HD screen 1920*720 & HD 1280*40 resolution is optional
                        • Latest ID7 menu style, iD6/ID5 user interface available
                        • Keep the original car UI favor and function, intelligent user interface

                        • GPS Navigation:

                        • Built-in GPS navigation module, with a GPS antenna
                        • Support worldwide maps like iGo, Sygic, Polnav, google map, Waze, etc
                        • Dual-zone function: Watch the GPS image while listening to the radio(FM) on the back
                        • GPS signal comes from Front-left Speaker, the radio signal from other speakers

                        • Bluetooth:

                        • Built-in Bluetooth, Syn the phone-book from the cell phone
                        • Support Bluetooth music (A2DP)
                        • Built-in Microphone
                        • Support original Bluetooth

                        • Media & network:

                        • 1 x SD card Max support 32GB
                        • 2 x USB Max support 64GB
                        • Apple Carplay & Android auto optional (extra cost)
                        • Audio format: MP3/WMA/FLAC/APE/AAC, etc.
                        • Video format: H264/MP4/AVI/RMVB/FLV/MKV, etc.
                        • Support 1080P
                        • Built-in WiFi, easy to access the internet
                        • Support aftermarket rearview camera / 360-degree camera input
                        • Support TV in & DVR input

                        • Support original functions:

                        • Compatible with original screen 6.5/8.8/10.25inch.
                        • Support iDrive knob control, steering wheel control
                        • Support factory navigation/optical fiber/can-bus etc
                        • Support factory Radio/camera/parking trajectory/radar etc
                        • Support IDrive control in Android Menu & original menu
                        • Plug and Play for easy installation



                        Video, Installation & Manual

                        Video Demo  Installation User manual
                        video demo

                        installation instructions

                        user manual

                        optional kits
                          Optional kits (Extra cost)

                        Backup Camera Digital TV Box DVR black box DAB+ receiver
                        reverse camera
                        Waterproof & night vision ATSC/DVB-T/DVB-T2/ISDB-T Plug &play, easy installation Digital Audio Broadcasting CD-like sound quality

                            FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions  Frequently Asked Questions

                            Q1Is this model plug and play? Do I need to program or code my BMW? Do I need to buy an external GPS antenna?

                            A:  Yes, It is plug and play, it has the same plugs and harness as the original BMW system. 
                            You are no need to program your car when installation, just plug and play. 

                            All necessary accessories are included in the package, no need to buy anything else to make it work.

                            Q2: The iDrive, steering wheel controls work the same as before? Can it work on the Android menu? The factory CIC system and original vehicle info will display on the android screen?

                            A: Yes, the iDrive and steering wheel controls work the same as before.
                            It works in a factory interface, also can work on the Android menu.

                            The factory CIC system and original vehicle info will display on the android menu, such as Sirius/XM radio, car computer info, BMW ConnectedDrive/ command (if any), and so on.

                            Here is a video demo (as an example) 

                            Q3: How do I switch the menu between the android interface and BMW original CIC interface?

                            A: Android interface To factory interface:
                            (a) Touch the “Car-info” icon on the main menu. (b) long press (3 seconds) the "MENU" button on iDrive.
                            B. Factory interface to Android interface:
                            (a) Touch the screen. (b) long press (3 seconds) the "MENU" button on iDrive.

                            Q4: The sound of the android head unit work through factory AUX? Will it play all music and sound through the existing speakers?

                            A: Yes, the sound of the android screen work through AUX, and it will play the music or sound through car speakers, thus it needs the car with an AUX IN.

                            Q5: When using GPS navigation, can I listen to the radio/cd/music on the back?

                            A: Yes, GPS Navigation and radio/CD/music can work at the same time. So, you can watch the navigation interface while driving and enjoy the music/radio on the back at the same time. (The GPS voice signal comes from the front left speaker, the music/radio come from other speakers.

                            Q6: What is the difference between the built-in Carplay and external Carplay? 
                            Wireless Carplay available? Does it support Android Auto?

                            A: For these 3 questions, please read the details: 
                            Reviews for wired/wireless/built-in Carplay

                            The wireless Carplay is available, you can check it on "accessories" page
                            Yes, all of them support Android Auto

                            Q7: My car has an optical fiber amplifier, does it support? How to install it if my car with a middle speaker?

                            A: Yes it supports the factory optical fiber amplifier when installing the android screen,
                            you need to move the optical fiber from the original connector to the new connector we provided. Learn about how to move the optical fiber

                            For some cars (not over 5%), it does have a middle speaker for GPS especially, you might need to take notice when installing our android unit, we have the solution for that, click here to read in details.

                            Q8: Can you provide GPS Maps for navigation?

                            A: Yes, we can pre-install navigation maps for your country FOR FREE,
                            normally we offer iGO maps, sometimes offer a Sygic map.
                            You can also buy the original maps on your own, such as IGO, Sygic, Navitel, or Waze, or Google map, etc. With the Google map, you can get the most accurate and up-to-date routes, live traffic data, etc.

                            Q9: The price on the site included the shipping cost? And Tax?

                            A: Yes, it included the shipping cost, but not included the tax in your country.
                            For some shipping zone/countries, there is an extra delivery cost.
                            and it has an extra PayPal fee. You can add the items to the cart and calculate the price on the shopping cart page.

                             For more questions, please feel free to contact us