Aftermarket BMW 5 series Navigation Buying Guidence

(For BMW NBT/EVO/CIC/CCC system, click here if you not clear of them).

How to Choose Right model for my own car ? 

  • For BMW 5 series E60 (2005-2008) factory CCC system,please choose [B210].
  • For BMW 5 Series F10/F11(2011-2012) Original CIC System,select [B208] ;
  • For BMW 5 series F10/F11 (2013-2016) with NBT system, then should choose [B218]
  • For BMW 5 Series F07 GT(2011-2012) Original CIC System (LVDS:4 PIN), please choose [B258]
  • For BMW 5 Series F07 GT(2013-2017) Original NBT System (LVDS:6 PIN), then select [B268].
  • BMW 5 Series G30 (2017-) Original EVO system, please order [B538],
  • For BMW 5 series E53 (1999-2006), offer iDrive,please order [B205]

Contact us if you can not confirm the car compatibility