BMW Navigation Installation 11 step-by-step Guide & Checklist

Complete BMW Navigation Installation 11 step-by-step Guide & Checklist
We recommend all our buyers / new installers can read below check list
before installation.

Some new user or new installer might met a lot of questions when installing our BMW Android screen. For example, some of them might forgot to connect AUX, then no sound output; and some friends forgot to choose the car type in factory menu, then can not get into factory interface, etc.

Because we met these similar questions everyday,we think that is better to have a checklist, just follow the checklist to check one by one, then will complete the BMW Navigation installation in correct way.

(Now we sperate the installation into 3 parts, that is more easier to understand)

11 steps Checklist (check one by one)

Part 1: Android screen installation

1, Power cable connection
2, LVDS connection
3, GPS antenna, USB, TV/DVR in connection
4, About middle speaker (for the car with middle speaker,read this before install)

Part2: Radio Head unit installation

5, Power cable connection (On the back of factory radio)
6, AUX cable connection (almost our model need to connect this, important
7, Move the optical fiber cable (for the car with optical fiber cable,important)
8, Rearview camera installation (for aftermarket camera installation)

Part 3: Software settings

9, How to choose the car type
10, Rearview camera setting
11, iDrive setting (for the car with CCC system only)


PS: The above 11 steps guidence cover all aspects for BMW navigation installation. We hope every installer can read the guidence before installation,
Especially for the hardware connection ( like the car with middle speaker, optical fiber, aux, optical fiber etc), if you don't care these, you might need to open the dashboard again after installation, it is trouble and cost more time on it.




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