Some BMW Car types have middle speaker that is mainly offer the sound for GPS.

bmw middle speaker

Some middle speaker is original when you buy the cars, such as BMW X5 (E70) X6(E71), they normally come with original middle speaker. In this case, we offer the power cable with 2 connector that is for these original middle speaker, you need to connect it when you install it.

middle speaker connectors
          (middle speaker connector: one is input, one is output)

All of us know, BMW with different version even in the same car type, most of them without middle speaker, and you can also add the "OEM" middle speaker after buying the cars. That means we can not offer all the power cable with this two connector.

Now the questions is: When the car with middle speaker (Whether it's original or “OEM") but our power cable don't have such kind of connector, what is going to do ? Are there any solution?

Yes, in this case, the only way is to modify the cables.
1, Find out this 4 cables (the connector which connect to the back of andriod screen)
modification for middle speaker

2, Cut this 4 cables

cut the cable
3, connect this two sets of cables showed as below, and tie up with adhesive tape.
tape up this two connector, not going to use for this two conector

4, An other side (the side near to the white connector), will connect it to middle speaker. details showed as below photo:
wire diagram for middle speaker

When you use the factory radio and the GPS in the same time, the radio siginal come from other speaker, while the GPS sound from the middle speaker.

If you not modified the cable as above, it will have noise when you use the radio and GPS at the same time.

Remark: If your car don't have middle speaker, then no need to modify the cables like this, all will be plug and play, the gps sound from the front left speaker, and the radio come from other speakers without interfere.