Android BMW 1 series Navigation Buying Guide:

(For BMW NBT/EVO/CIC/CCC, click here if you not clear of them).

How to order correct model for my BMW ? 

  • For BMW 1 series F20/F21 2011-2016 original NBT system, Left Hand Drive choose [B211] ; Right Hand Drive choose [B231].

  • For BMW 1 series 2017-2018 w/ original EVO menu,select [B503]
  • For BMW 1 series E81 E82 E87 E88 2006-2012, it has three versions:
    (a)The car with CCC menu,choose [B261];
    (b)The car with CIC menu, choose [B271]
    (c)If the car without screen (with a storage box only), order [B251].
    It has an iDrive included in the package.

Does BMW 1 series Navigation support original functions ?

Yes, All our BMW 1 series Navigation support all original functions,such as steering wheel controls,iDrive,radio,CD/DVD etc, you can switch to CCC/CIC/NBT/EVO menu & Android menu freely. The iDrive can work with both factory menu and android menu.