Android BMW X1 Navigation Buying Guidence

( For BMW NBT/EVO/CIC/CCC system, click here if you not clear of them).

How to Choose Right model for my own car ? 

  • For BMW X1 F48(2016-2017) original NBT system,please choose [B209]
  • For BMW X1 F48 (2018) with original EVO menu,should choose [B509]
  • For BMW X1 E84 (2009-2015) original CIC system,choose [B239]
  • For BMW X1 E84 (2009-2015) without factory screen (just have a storage box), then should choose [B219]. Because the car without factory screen (nor factory idrive), thus, we offer an OEM idrive, to enhance the user experience. 

About factory functions

All our BMW X1 Navigation support all original functions,such as steering wheel controls,iDrive,radio,CD/DVD etc, you can switch to CCC/CIC/NBT/EVO menu & Android menu freely. The iDrive can work with both factory menu and android menu