Installation manual for BMW X3 E83 navigation GPS Android screen replacement

Installation manual for BMW X3 E83 Navigation GPS Android screen replacement

When you order the aftermarket android screen for BMW X3 E83 (2004-2009), you should you pay attention to below issue:

If your car without the factory screen, just contains the storage, like the below photo, then should order [B283]
bmw x3 e83 without factory screen

If your car contains a factory screen, like the photo, shown below, then you need to order [B283D], this model is custom made for the car with the factory screen.
it contains a connector that special for the car with factory screen, it will have a connector on the back, it functions similar to LVDS.

bmw x3 e83 with factory screen connector that is for bmw x3 e83 with factory screen

Both of them contain an iDrive knob. But if your car is right-hand drive, the iDrive will NOT FIT it, we only make the iDrive for the Left-hand drive car model only.

idrive knob for bmw x3 e83 -for left hand drive only

How to replace factory BMW 3 series E90 E91 E92 E93(2006-2012) Original no monitor with aftermarket navigation Android Screen?

Installation guidance:


1,Before installation   2, Remove the AC vents, take off the connector on the back

 remove the AC vents and take off the connectors on the back of vents

3: Remove the 2 screws marked as below photo   4: After removing the two screws, the storage can be removed

 remove the screws then take out the bmw x3 e83 storage box

5: Remove 2 screws showed as below so that to take out the AC control panel  6: Remove 2 screws and slide out the radio head unit

 remove the screws and take off the AC climate control panel and factory CD head unit


7: Remove the original harness from the radio head unit    8, connect our power cable (male) to factory harness (female)

 disconnect the factory cables and connect our cable to factory harness

9, connect our power cable (female) to factory radio head unit and put back the radio head unit, fix it by screws    10. connect the AUX

 connect our cable to factory BMW X3 radio and connect the AUX cable

11, In the following, you need to install the monitor, first need to distribute the power cable/USB/GPS antenna to the back of the android monitor. And then install the monitor

 after connect the power cables and all other harness then install the android screen


Download the installation wire-diagram (Without OEM screen) as below:



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