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1 series E81 E82 E87 E88 [B251] [B261] [B271]   View
1 /2 series F20/F21/F23(NBT) [B211]  [B231] View
2 series F22,F45 (NBT) [B202] View
2 series 2018 (EVO) [B502] View
1/2/3/4 series 2017-2018 (EVO) 8.8'' [B503] View
3 series E90/E91/E92/E93 no factory screen, left-hand drive [B273] View
3 series E90/E91 /E92 /E90 Right hand drive model, without factory screen [B293] View
3 series F30/F31/F34/F35 (13-16) (NBT);
4 series F32/F33/F36 (13-16) (NBT)
[B213] View
3 series (2018) EVO
4 series (2017-) EVO
[B513] View
3 / 5 series E60 CIC (2009-2012) [B233]
3/ 5 series E60 CCC (2005-2008) [B210] View
5 Series F10/F11(2011-2016) CIC,NBT [B208] [B218] View
5 series F07 GT CIC, NBT [B258] [B268] View
5 series G30 (2017-) EVO [B538] View
6 series F06 F12 (CIC,NBT) [B236] [B256]
7 series E65 E66 CCC [B207] View
7 Series F01 F02 (CIC,NBT) [B217] [B227]
X1 F48(2016-2017) NBT [B209] View
X1 E84(2009-2015)  no orginal screen [B219] View
 X1 E84(2009-2015)  with orginal screen,CIC [B239]
 X1 F48(2018) EVO [B509] View
X3 F25/X4 F26 (2014-2016)NBT,8.8 inch [B223]
X3 F25/X4 F26 (2014-2016)NBT,10.25 inch [B263]
X3 F25/ X4 F26 (2011-2013)CIC -8.8 inch [B253]
X3 F25/ X4 F26 (2011-2013)CIC -10.25 inch [B243]
X3 E83 (no factory screen) [B283] View
X3 E83 (with factory screen) [B283D]
X3 2018 EVO [B523]
X5 F15 (2014-2017) NBT [B235]
X5 E70 / X6 E71 (2007-2010) CCC [B215] View
X5 E70 / X6 E71 (2011-2013) CIC [B225] View
Z4 E89 (2009-2015) CIC [B224] View
Wired/Wireless Apple Carplay CP-06/CP06 View