Some customers claim the GPS signal is not good when using navigation functions. This article will talk about the GPS signal, GPS antenna, and the installations, and will also talk about the GPS problems and the solved solutions.


gps antenna


Where should install the GPS antenna?

1, Install the GPS antenna under the dashboard

Install the GPS antenna under the dashboard

2, Install the GPS antenna on the dashboard (near to the windshield)

Install the GPS antenna near to the windshield

3, Install the GPS antenna to the A-pillar

the gps antenna installed to the A-PILLAR

We recommend installing the GPS antenna in the A-Pillar because for some glass film has the function of shielding signal, especially the metal-glass film

GPS signal monitor

In fact, you can also make a test when you install the android Navi head unit, you can connect the GPS antenna and go to the GPS signal monitor by click the "CronusViewer" App, to check the status of GPS signal.


gps signal viewer app

gps signal monitor