In Apirl 2022, there is a NEW iDrive knob available for the car without OEM display, It is for the car models like: BMW Z4 (E89), X1 (E84), X3 (E83), 1 series E87, 3 series E90 (LHD & RHD).

Compare to old iDrive knob, the New iDrive knob with better use experience, but some friends might make mistake when he connect the iDrive knob. Because in the power cable, it also have a iDrive connector, that is for old iDrive knob, the NEW iDrive knob, please connect it as below diagram:

 BMW new IDrive knob connection diagram

Please notice, you need to choose " Car Without OEM monitor", if not, the idrive knob might not work.
choose "Car without OEM monitor"