Note: For the car with the original CCC only.

If your car contains BMW EVO/NBT/CCC system, or your order with an aftermarket iDrive, that is no need to make the setting for it, just connect well the iDrive knob, then it will work.

But if your car contains a factory BMW CCC system (such as BMW E60 CCC), because it two kinds of iDrive, thus, in the factory setting interface, there is a setting for the CCC iDrive.

First, go to factory interface: Enter password: 1314, click ok

For the car with CCC, after you connect everything, but find the iDrive still not work, then you can go to the factory interface, choose the other one
(The iDrive_A or iDrive _B), after setting it, you need to power off the unit, and lock the door, wait about 15-20 seconds, then restart the car and power on again.

setting for idrive