Some friends from North America order the Android screen with 4GB RAM +64GB Rom, since this is low configuration, it only contains European & Asia 4G LTE version, In this case, It might NOT support North America
(US or Canada) 4G Network.

EU + Asia version and North America version Comparison:

Europe & Asia:

GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800
WCDMA: B1, B5, B8
TD-SCDMA: B34, B39
FDD-LTE: B1, B3, B5, B7, B8
TDD-LTE: B38, B39, B40, B41

North America:
GSM: 850 / 900 / 1900
WCDMA: B2, B4, B5, B8
TD-SCDMA: B34, B39
FDD-LTE: B2, B4, B5, B7, B8
TDD-LTE: B38, B41

The above comparison list indicate: Some EU & Asia network provider might not offer the model for North America market, for example, the FDD-LTE: B1 & B3 are not in North America, but if you choose B5, B7, B8, it also on the list of North America, thus, it compatible.

Thus, if you decide to use 4G LTE, we recommend you to choose
"8GB +128GB" or "8GB +256GB", it can made with North America 4G LTE.

Questions you might have:

1, What is the 4G LTE ?
The 4G LTE function is enable you to insert the 4G Sim card (you have to buy a Sim Card from your local network provider and choose data plan),

With 4G, you can connect the android screen to internet always, such as use the Google online map, or hearing the online music, etc.

2, Without 4G LTE, can I connect to the internet by Hotspot?

Yes, you can
The android screen built-in WIFI, without 4G, you can also connect the android screen via hotspot (from your phone)  and use online service (navigation ,music, video etc).  Or you can download the maps or music to android screen and use it as offline  (it not cost internet data when using them as offline mode).

3, Can I use Apple Carplay or Android Auto without 4G LTE?
Yes, you can.
The 4G LTE function has nothing to do with the Carplay/Android auto function, without 4G LTE, you can also connect the phone via Bluetooth
to android screen, and use Apple Carplay (iPhone) or Android Auto (android phone) and use online navigation, music etc. 


4, I have made the order with 4GB +64GB, how to pay the extra cost?

The 8GB+128GB or 8GB+256GB is in different price, you need to pay the gap
if you have made the order. For example, if you like to order with 6GB+128GB
The gap is USD45.00, you can pay USD45 via the link as below:
(just input the quantity as "45", then checkout).

For more questions, contact us.