How to set CAN Protocol (MCU) For BMW EVO Android GPS screen?

This acticle will talking about how to set the CAN Protocol "MCU" when you installing the BMW EVO android screen.

Recently, the MCU software have changed, it Integrated 4 MCU to 1 MCU package. that way, you are no need to ask us to send the MCU one by one, just make a setting in factory setup menu, then will be fine.

(Notice: if your models is NBT, CIC, CCC or the car without original display, no need to set it like that, keep default setting would be fine)

MCU setting for BMW EVO car type

First, access to the factory setup menu as above.

The factory setup path is : settings> factory, the factory password is : 070305.

Second, please check the list as below:
Please read "FAQs" to understand it correctly.



1) What is ID5 ? ID6 MENU ?

It is your original BMW iDrive menu style, both ID5 & ID6 are belong to EVO system, but they are different version, thus, MCU is different. so, you should know which one your car contains.



2) What is "Display size" ?

The size of factory/ original display for your car, the car with 6.5 inch screen & 8.8 inch or 10.25 inch display are different on the screen parameter, since they have different screen resolution. thus, as car owner, you should know which screen size of your original display.

bmw x3 g01 with different original size of display


3) What is " original Radio Head Unit" ? Small HU? Big HU?

bmw original radio head unit - small head unit and big head unit comparision


 Please notice: the year of production on the list is just for reference only.

How to choose it?

For example, if your car is 2018 year with ID6 menu style, the original radio is "small HU" (small head unit), the original display size is 6.5 inch, then you should choose "ID6 X1" as MCU (NO.2)

But if your car is BIG radio head unit (big HU), then you should choose ID5 5S (ignore the year of production or other aspects), the radio head unit type (small HU or Big HU) is in priority.


Video Demo:



After you choose the CAN setting (MCU), you have to wait about 30 seconds, then power off the unit, it means: power off the car, lock the door, that way, the power will disconnect completely, after that, wait about 1 mintue, then open the door and power on  again. that way, the CAN system will restart.



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