How do we handle your order? Visit our workshop

Some friends ask us: why could not ship the order immediately? Why some orders need to wait 2-3 days? To answer these questions, we would like you to have a visit to our workshop by video :

Now let me have a brief answer to the questions asked above:

1, When we received the payment of your order, the first thing is to check the car compatibility with you, we will not release the order to production line before confirmation, thus, after your order, please keep in touch, normally we will contact you within 12 hours (in our working time), or you can take initiative to contact us and send the photo of your car dashboard, car info, etc. so that we can shorten the time to check car compatibility.

2, After releasing the order to the production line, your order will have unique number in production, the production will collect the parts and produce it according to your order because we have over 45-50 models (for BMW Navi head unit), different customer have a different request, the custom made functions like the anti-reflection screen & normal screen, 4GB/2GB Ram, Carplay, HD screen 1920*720, 64GB Rom, MIC, etc, all these custom made functions need to use different hardware and parts.

a worker is assemblling the screen

3, The android version changes too fast these days, that is why we not like keep large quantities (finished products) in the warehouse.
In the past few years, the android version changes many times: starting from android 4.4.2 OS, then to 4.4.4, then 5.1, 6.0, 7.1, 8.0,8.1, now it is 9.0, and soon will come out 10.0. For example, if you keep large order quantity with android 9.0 model, next month, when the android 10.0 os comes out, the android 9.0 models are hard to sell, normally, they can not upgrade to the new version, because the hardware, not the same (unless you change the core board inside, but the core-board is most expensive parts for the unit)

4, When producing it, It doesn't take much time to assemble it after it was assembled, the worker needs to test all functions (as you can see on the video above), it also not take too much time on this.
a girl is testing the bmw head unit

The most time-consuming part is the aging test, usually, it adopts this way: connect the radio with the power, have it runs under high load operations, for example, insert the USB/SD and let it play the HD videos repeatedly, at the same time, it runs the navigation map on the back (can set simulation paths and let it runs itself).

bmw autoradio is under the aging test

As the video shown above, from the aging test, we just put them on the shelf and let it runs over 48 hours or 72 hours. All models need to past the aging test, it is the most important test for production, if it doesn't past the aging test, or shorten the time on the aging test, that might cause some problems when you use it.

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