FAQs > Backup camera> Q7: Can I order the backup camera or DAB or other small kit only?

We don't accept this kind of orders, because the camera, DAB+ or other small kits, they are too small and low price, almost no profits from such tiny orders, it also cost a lot of time to offer serivce if we sell one by one. So, we don't accept these small orders.

The price on our website are NOT included the shipping cost.
For now, even the smallest shipment (0.5kg), when ship to European countries or USA, if send by DHL or FedEx, the shipping cost are not less than USD30, If send by Post, it also cost about USD10 ~ USD14 (Lowest).

So, we like to sell these small kits together with Android Screen or Apple Carplay box, that way, these small kits can put inside of the box, there is no extra shipping cost.