BMW EVO Head unit - AUX TO USB Wire Diagram

The BMW 1/2/3/4/5 series & BMW X1 F48, BMW X3 G01 made in 2017 ~2019 contains the BMW EVO system, These kinds of cars without AUX IN, just contains the USB only. In this case, the sound will work via USB.

PS: There is a video demo at the end of this blog post, please check with it.

bmw evo system with usb connector

Our Android Navigation is highly custom made models for these new BMW models, in the android power harness, there is a USB connector for the sound system.

there is usb connector in the power cable - for android navigation system

Now the question is: How to switch the sound from the AUX to USB, in order to have the sound output ? 
Here is the wiring diagram: how to switch the AUX to USB

EVO head unit - AUX to USB wiring Diagram

Another question is: After installed our Android screen, how can I use USB? Because the factory was occupied (as sound switcher).
Yes, after you installed our unit, you can not use factory USB anymore, when you charge the phones or play music/video, you need to use the new USB from our android navigation system.

bmw android usb cables

If your car with AUX (normally the car with CCC, CIC, NBT system), please click here to learning about the AUX connection.

Video Demo






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