Installation manual BMW 3/4er Android navigation GPS BMW F30~F36 2013-2018

Installation manual BMW 3/4 series Android navigation GPS BMW F30~F36 2013-2018

For BMW 3 series F30/F31/F34/F35 (2013-2016), BMW 4 series F32/F33/F36 (2013-2016) with NBT menu, you should order 10.25''  [B213], or you can order 12.3'' [B313] (choose "NBT" car type).

BMW NBT iDrive
  (BMW NBT Original main menu)

Download the installation manual (NBT) as below:



For BMW 3 Series (2018) or BMW 4Series (2017-)  Original EVO menu, without a factory touch screen, then you should order 10.25'' [B513] or 12.3'' [B553] (choose "EVO" car type).

BMW EVO ID5 iDrive menu
(BMW EVO -ID5 original menu)


(BMW EVO -ID6 original menu)

Download the installation EVO wire-diagram as below:


How to replace factory BMW 3 / 4 series F30~36 2013-2018 with aftermarket navigation Android Screen?

Installation steps

1: Remove the dash panel 2, Remove the 2 connections on the back of dash panel

bmw 3 4 series navigation installation : remove the dash panel


3: Remove the plastic cover in the bottom 4: Take off the connector from the plastic cover

remove the plastic cover in the bottom and take off the connector on the back



5: Remove 4 screws and take out the CD/AC panel 6: Remove the connector on the back of CD/AC panel

remove the screws and take out the CD/AC panel


7: Remove 4 screws showed as below photo 8: Slide the head unit forward and take out the head unit

take off the screws and slide forward the CD head unit

9, Remove all existing harness on the back of head unit 10, Connect our power cable (male) to factory harness (female).

remove all exsiting harness and connect with our power cables


11, Wiring the power cable/USB cable/GPS antenna (go up behind the plastic cover to the top ) 12, wire diagram showed photo as below (ps: the LVDS connect to the back of our android screen)

wiring the power cable/ gps antenna, lvds, usb etc

13, Connect and location the GPS antenna 14, Location the USB connector (inside the glove box)

connect and location the usb,gps antenna

15, Connect the power cable/USB cable/ LVDS/GPS antenna to the back of android screen 16, Insert the android screen to dashboard

connect the power cable/lvds,usb etc, to the back of android screen, and install the screen to the dashboard

17, For some kind of cars, the sound does not work via Can bus, in this case, it needs to connect the AUX cable, otherwise, it will no sound output

connect the AUX cable (for some kind of car models)


18,Connect the power cable (also connect all other harnesses) back to the head unit, And install the head unit back to the car, recover the dashboard.

connect the power cable to factory head unit and install back to the dashboard


Recover the car dashboard, done.




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