BMW X3 Navigation Head units Buying Guidance

( For BMW NBT/EVO/CIC/CCC system, click here if you not clear of them).


bmw x3 navigation android GPS screen buying guide

  • For BMW X3 F25 2011-2013 original CIC system, please choose [B253](8.8 '' screen), or [B243] (10.25'' screen), Or new model with 12.3 inch [B343]

  • For BMW X3 F25 2014-2016 original NBT system, you can order [B223] (8.8 '' screen), or [B263] (10.25 '' screen), or 12.3 inch model [B363]

  • For BMW X3 (2017-2018) with the original EVO menu, should buy [B523]

  • For BMW X3 E83 (2004-2009), there are two versions: for the car without a factory screen, should order the [B283], but if your car with a factory screen, you should order the [B283D].

    The B283/B283D contains an aftermarket iDrive, but please notice, the iDrive just for left-hand drive car only (not fit right-hand drive car model). Also, when installing this two model, it requires the car with AUX port and the AUX is activated.