Anti-Glare Blue-Ray Display for BMW android screen

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  • Anti-Glare Blue-Ray Display for BMW android screen

Anti-Glare Blue-Ray Display for BMW android screen

855 in stock
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187,00 lei
  • For most of our BMW Android screen, the Anti-Glare Blue-Ray Display is available now, but still some items is not available (see model list in the end of this page).

    If you need the Anti-glare screen for your order, How to order it?

    1) For most of items, you can select this option in the product's page.

    select the anti-glare screen

    2) For few items, since it has more options, thus, we design this page, so that you can order the model with anti-glare screen. just add this option to the cart, then check out, then will be fine.


    add it to the cart for anti-glare screen



    What is the difference for IPS normal screen/ Anti-Reflection Screen/ Anti-Glare Blue-Ray screen?


    normal screen VS anti-reflection VS anti-glare blue ray screen

    1, IPS normal (ordinary) display

    It consists of normal glass, light rays are not absorbed, it was stopped production for long time.

    2, Anti-reflection screen

    It is an optical glass - colors and contrasts are displayed more intensively, light rays are better absorbed compared to the standard display.
    Now ALL Hifimax products with this Anti-reflection screen (default)

    3, Anti-Glare Blue-Ray display

    It is a matt display, it best absorbs falling light rays and is highly recommended for vehicles with a panoramic view and for Cabrio or with a sensitivity to mirrors. that is optional, cost USD40.00 extra


     Note:  Although most of android screen can be produced, because some models with special structure (like Z4 E89/ 6er/ 5er G30), or small market demand, such as 8.8'' model, Below models are not available for Anti-Glare Blue Ray display.

    1) BMW Z4 E89  - [B224] - 10.25''
    2) BMW X3 G01 - [B523] - 10.25''
    3) BMW 6 series F06 F12 - [B236] / [B256]  - 10.25''

    4) BMW 5 series G30 - [B538] - 10.25''
    5) BMW 2 Series F22/F45/F46 MPV - [B202] - 8.8''
    6) BMW 1/2/3/4 series (2018) EVO - [B503] [B502] - 8.8''