VAT pay in advance (for some EU customer ONLY)

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117,00 lei
  • VAT pay in advance (for some EU customer ONLY)

VAT pay in advance (for some EU customer ONLY)

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117,00 lei
  • If you are come from European countries and worry high VAT when you receiving the order, you can pay the VAT in advance. Just add this fee (USD25.00 total ) to the cart when place the order.


    1, So far, the VAT paid in advance service available for below countries ONLY.

    Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria.

    2, The last section of transportation is handled by DPD (Netherlands) or Parcelforce (UK) (VAT will be paid in Netherlands / UK first, then send it to your address. When you pick up the order, there is no extra cost.

    3, After shipment, we will offer (DPD or Parcelforce) tracking No, but you can not track the order until it arrived at Netherlands / UK  (usually it need 8-10 days, sometimes it might take few more days).

    4, When sent by this way, it will take about 15-20 business days totally, It is safe and lowest VAT for EU buyers.

    PS: Different countries, the delivery time is difference, for example, to UK, it normally take 15 days, to Germany or France, about 20 days, to Spain
    or Portugal, about 25 days, to Greece/Romania or Bulgaria, it will be 30 days more,
    since it need to ship from Netherlands/Belgium (make customs clearance in this two countries), longer distance, take more days. Sometimes it delay few days due to any possible reasons. If you really urgent to get the order, we don't recommend this shipping method.

    5, The order go through speical airline, it might not fast as you expected, you might have some patient to wait for it, if not, you better choose DHL/FedEx as shipment
    (can not use this service).

    6, Once the shipment was made, it can not cancelled, to cut off the shipment or return the unit, that is big trouble and quite expensive. Thus, please consider it before choose this shipment.


    1, Can I add this VAT (US$25) after the order was placed ?
    Re: Yes, you can add this to the cart, and check out seperately , as long as your order not ship yet.

    2, When choose this service, the order will send by DHL /FedEx/UPS?
    Re: No, it send by special airline, the DHL/FedEx/UPS NOT accept VAT paid in advance.

    If you are from the USA or Australia, normally without tax as we know, the different country might have a different policy for this [read more]

    3, How to track the shipment?
    We ship the order by SFC(, but the website is Chinese, thus, we normally send you the Tracking NO and recommend to track by this site (English):

    Statement: This is not a physical product, we set this option just let our customer pay the additional cost conveniently.