BMW X1 Android Navigation Retrofit / Upgrade Guide

Being a BMW X1 owner, if there is a chance to upgrade the OEM BMW display to a larger screen, say 10.25-inch android screen which integrated navigation GPS + multimedia / Apple CarPlay without being void the original radio functions, would you interest to try? In this article, we will offer some tips for BMW X1 navigation retrofit.



Do all OEM BMW radio functions work after replaced with an android screen? 

Yes, it supports ALL original radio functions after replaced with an android screen, the answer is definitely! Because it just replaced the OEM display ONLY, the radio (CD) head unit is still kept in the car, thus, all original functions (like iDrive, steering wheel controls, parking system, etc ) work as same as before.



keep idrive, steering wheel control, parking system function


How to order the right android screen for my BMW X1?

It needs to install different models of the android screen for different BMW X1 car models.


1), For BMW X1 E84 (2009-2015) without factory screen.

The BMW X1 made in 2009 - 2015 come from the E84 platform, some of them just contain a storage box at the top of the dashboard, no factory screen, no LVDS, no iDrive.


For this car, you should choose this model

B219, there is an after-market iDrive come with the accessories.


compatible with bmw x1 without factory screen


2), For BMW X1 E84 (2009-2015) original CIC system

The BMW X1 E84 (2009-2015) with factory CIC screen is the upgraded version, it has iDrive in the car. For this car, you should install the other model: B239.

 bmw x1 e84 cic navigation

    3)For BMW X1 F48(2016-2017) original NBT system

      If your BMW X1 made in 2016-2017 (F48), the OEM radio head unit contains an NBT system (6 PIN LVDS), it contains an iDrive in the car. For this car, you should choose this model B209.

      bmw x1 f48 nbt navigation

      4), For BMW X1 F48 (2018) with original EVO menu

      BMW keeps rolling out its new models, the BMW X1 F48 made in 2018 with EVO interface (LVDS is 6 Pin).  Please notice, this car is different from the car made in 2016-2017 (NBT), although they look quite similar, you have to install another android screen B509.

      bmw x1 f48 evo navigation

      How to retrofit & install the android screen to BMW X1?

      To install the android screen to BMW X1, please click the link as below
      For BMW X1 E84, please click here.
      For BMW X1 F48, please click here.

      The installation is easy, usually, it just needs about 20-30 minutes for an experienced installer. The wire connection totally plugs and play, no cutting the wires, no modification, no void the car warranty.

      Because installation is simple and similar for all our android screen, thus we offer more details on installation, you can visit this page to check more details. If you have any doubts during installation, live video support is available if necessary.

      bmw navigation installation guide

      Purchase the BMW X1 android unit from  Serious Seller ?

      There are more and more sellers selling android navigation for BMW.
      However, when you decide to buy it, except the price, it needs to consider other aspects, such as: how many years did this seller in this industry? He is professional? With good communication?

      We recommend buying it from " serious seller ", shopping is just the beginning, you might have more questions on installation/usage, or you might need firmware upgrade in the future, in a word, sustainable after-sale service is also important.




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