FAQs > Installation> Q9: Why connect the OEM LVDS cable to the android screen? If the car without the LVDS, what should I do?

The OEM LVDS cable is the video cable for your original iDrive system, If you don’t connect it, there is no original menu shown on the android screen.


For some car types, such as BMW Z4 E89 / or X3 E83 or some X1 E84 (2009-2015), some of them not contain the original screen, it just a storage box on the dashboard. For these car types, it also no LVDS cable in the car, thus, you don’t need to think about this question.

For these car types, after install the android screen, it just has an android menu only, no “ original menu”, when you use OEM radio, such as FM, then you just press the keys on CD/Radio panel, then it works as before.


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