Add CUSTOM BOOT UP LOGO image for BMW Android 12 GPS screen

How to add Custom Boot UP Logo image for BMW Android 12 GPS navigation screen?

Please read the guide as below:

1, Download the logo format (file example) by click this link

After download it, unzip it as below

boot logo format example

Inside of the "mylogo12", there are 3 folders

bmw android gps screen diy boot logo
(1) Folder "1280_480" , there is picture name "logo_102", format is "BMP" , resolution:1280*480;

(2) Folder "1920_720" , there is picture name "logo_102", format is "BMP" , resolution:1920*720;

(3) Folder"thumbnail", there is a picture name"logo_102", with "PNG" format,
the resolution is 240*140.

So, with the above format (example), you just need to replace 3 pictures inside with the same format & same resolution & the same name, then will be fine. Do NOT change "imagefv_102.elf " files inside.

new BMW android boot up logo image format

But you still need to notice some tips:

(1) After changed the pictures inside, then compress the "mylogo12" folder in "zip"format, Do NOT compress it as "RAR" file.

(2) The zip file should contains one folder named“mylogo12" only, if you have
an other folder also named "mylogo12" inside, that is wrong.
how to copy the files

(3) The zip file with name as ""is only for Android 12 model only.
If the android 11 model, it not support. If your Android screen from other sellers, it might not work, since it might have different software versions.





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