Android BMW screen with Ultra HD 1920*720 resolution

Most of our android BMW screen with made with Ultra HD 1920*720 resolution,
But for some models, it still can not be made with this screen. 

1, The model with an 8.8-inch screen, it CAN NOT make with an HD screen. They are: B202,B210,B233, B223,B253,B502,B503.

2, Below BMW screen CAN NOT made with HD screen,
these models are special model:
B538,B205, B523, B207,B224,B283/B283D,B236,B256.

For the above models, it still using a normal screen with 1280*480 resolution only.

The price for the HD screen (1920*720) is USD42.00 extra cost because there is not much market request, the purchasing cost is always on the high side,
thus we will not make the price to each item.





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