Android Navigation Head unit for BMW EVO menu with Touch screen
Some BMW cars with EVO menu (normally it was produced in 2017-2018) and also with Touch Screen, such as below model: BMW 2 series (2019) with EVO menu and it is a touch screen.
bmw 2 series 2019 with evo menu touch screen

Some friends ask us: if possible to offer aftermarket Navigation GPS for this kind of car?  The answer is YES, for above car model (BMW 2 series 2019), our B509 is ok to install to this car when you order such kind of car models, you need to contact us to especially because it needs to upgrade the firmware ( by using other types of software for these kinds of car models). 

But one thing that needs to clearance here: after installing our model, the factory touch screen will not work anymore, that means you will be lost the touch screen function in your factory menu, Because the parameter for this two-screen is not the same, so far, we don't have a solution for this, please notice when you order.

For this matter, it just relates to the car models that with EVO menu & touch screen
if your car model without a touch screen, then no need to take care of this, just feel free to order the models from our website.


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