BMW Apple Carplay VS BMW android screen, Which one is better?

A lot of friends are interested to know the DIFFERENCE between the BMW apple Carplay (Android Auto) and BMW Android screen, which one is better? Keep BMW original display by adding a Carplay interface only, or replaced the OEM display with new Android screen?

This blog post will make full reviews & comparison on them.

Comparison BMW Android screen BMW APPLE Carplay (Android Auto)
Display 8.8''/ 10.25'' new android screen 6.5'' 8.8'' 10.25'' OEM screen
Keep OEM Radio features? YES YES
Steering wheel controls YES YES
IDrive knob operation YES YES
Car compatibility (CCC) YES NO
Car compatibility (CIC) YES Some of CIC is compatible
Car compatibility (NBT) YES YES
Car compatibility (EVO) YES Some of EVO is compatible
Apple Carplay(Android Auto) Optional (extra cost: about $30 - $45) YES
Can install App? Can install APPs, Google map, waze, spotify etc NO
Wi-Fi / 4G network Built-in Wi-Fi, Support 4G LTE (Qualcomm model) NO
Touch screen operation YES (in android menu, OEM menu work through iDrive) NO
Installation Plug and play Plug and play
Price (budget) in USD USD400 +  USD250 ~ USD300 (HIFIMAX)


BMW Apple Carplay (Android Auto) Interface.

From the above comparsion list, we know that BMW Apple Carplay interface with lower budget, it is plug and play, easy install, keep original display,can operate by steering wheel, idrive, support all OEM radio features, thus, a lot of
friends instereted in this kind of upgrade.

But the touch screen is not available, also there is no internet connection, thus, it can not download the apps from play store or android market. Also, some of BMW car types are not compatible. Such as CCC and some of CIC / EVO model, we not recommend this kit

BMW Android screen

Compare to BMW Apple Carplay(Android Auto) interface, to replace with 8.8 inch or 10.25-inch android screen is much more popular nowadays. It comes with a much bigger display and higher resolution(up to 1920* 720), all android screen is highly customized and look similar OEM display, you never feel that is a cheap android tablet in the car, In contrary, all android screen we offered are using premium materials, such as the LCD display, it comes from LG brand with high screen brightness.

bmw android screen
All android screen built-in Wi-Fi, thus, you can connect the android screen to your phone via hotspot, that is easy for internet connection (For Qualcomm model, it is built-in 4G LTE, thus, you can buy a SIM card in your side, and keep internet connection everywhere, anytime).

The internet connection is quite important for a BMW android screen because, with the internet, you can update the navigation map anytime, anywhere, keep the latest navigation map will make you feel relieved during the journey.

Once more, the android screen enables you to download and install tons of Apps, like Spotify, Facebook, Youtube, or some online TV program, etc. This enable you enjoy the HD TV or video during long journey.

 bmw android screen built-in wifi 4G lte





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