BMW Map Update Alternative - Replaced with BMW Android Screen!

Why need to update the map for the BMW navigation system?

If you own a BMW equipped with factory-installed navigation, in order to get most out of the BMW navigation system, you need to update the map regularly. Why? Because roads change all the time, new roads are built, old roads are being closed, the road network changes rapidly - up to an average of 15 % ~ 40% each year! For this reason, BMW continuously updates its map data, add more than 140.000 miles of a new road to its maps each year, using a network of more than 50,000 authoritative sources and real-world, real-time feedback from the world’s largest connected navigation community to ensure that its on-board navigation system is the most powerful and accurate on the road! 

To keep up to date with your map data, you have to update the map regularly.


How much does it cost to update the BMW Navigation map?

extra cost for bmw map update each year

Different countries, the cost to update the BMW map is different, usually, one free national map update is available at the dealer. Once the three years are up  (or if you want a second national map update sooner), updates cost around $150 - $200 from the dealer. You can contact the dealer to check the cost in detail.


Once more, there are different ways of updating your BMW Navigation system, depending on whether you have a CCC, NBT, CIC, or EVO system. Usually, In addition to the USB stick, an FSC code is required to update your vehicle. Normally, the update process will spend about 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

If your case requires programming may have additional labor charges based upon the software status of the vehicle, you might have some budget on this service!


How often do BMW update maps?

BMW usually releases up to 3 new versions each year and recommends BMW map update every six months, or annually at the very least. The frequency of new releases strongly depends on the Navi head unit as well as the country.


BMW Map Update Alternative - Replaced with BMW Android Screen!

bmw navigation android screen

To update the original BMW map data is one way for navigation service, but today, you have another option! Why not just change your original display to an aftermarket BMW android screen?


The benefits of installing the BMW Android screen!

A, Support various types of navigation maps!

As android os car navigation, BMW android screen installed with different types of maps, such as IGO, Sygic, Navitel, Google map, Waze, HERE, Yandex, and so on. With such many different type maps available, you can decide whether to upgrade the maps on your own.


B, Update the navigation map for free or at very low cost.

BMW android screen can install thirty-party offline maps, such as iGo map, it just needs to pay a very low cost for the annual update.

If you just use a cracked version, it is no need to upgrade. Or you can use free maps, such as google map, you don’t have to pay extra money each year!


C, Update the BMW Navigation maps online and can do it on your own!

The update process is just quite simple (compare to the original BMW map update):
1, Download latest version of maps, copy them into the internal memory of your car Android navigation 
(the root directory is ok)or you can copy it to the SD card.
2. Click Apk installer to start installing.

The rest steps are just the same as you install any other apps on your phone.


D, Support Apple Carplay & Android Auto, and mirror link function

The BMW Android navigation support Apple CarPlay and Android auto. Just simply add the Apple Carplay (Android Auto) function, then you will have the navigation apps from your phone to a big BMW android display, it will be ok.


E, Do not void the car warranty

Install a BMW android display will not void the car warranty, because the aftermarket BMW android screen comes with special power harness, they are plug and play, not damage the original car connector, no modification, easy installation.


F, Keep all original car functions after replaced with the BMW android screen.

It keeps all original car functions after replaced with the BMW android screen because it just replaced the factory screen only, the original radio head unit still keeps in the car, thus, all original functions will continue to work the same as before.

keep all original functions after replaced with bmw android screen

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