How to check BMW iDrive version: BMW CCC CIC NBT or EVO?

Before buying the BMW android screen, it needs to check the BMW iDrive version in your car. Here are some tips that might be helpful for you

1, Check the car type, menu style, year of production

how to check BMW iDrive version: BMW CCC CIC NBT EVO

2, Check the LVDS connector

For some car types, especially for the car with CIC and made in 2012~2014, the LVDS might be 4 Pin or 6 Pin, we suggest removing the original screen to check the LVDS connector.

  • 4pin = order CIC android screen
  • 6pin = order NBT android screen


    original bmw lvds connector


    factory bmw LVDS types 10pin =CCC, 4 Pin = CIC, 6 Pin = NBT or EVO


    Usually, the CIC should have 4 PIN LVDS, but in some special cars, it is 6 PIN LVDS!

    Example No.1: BMW 1 Series F20 2014, menu style isCIC, the LVDS is 6 PIN.
    order [B211] (with 6 Pin LVDS)

    bmw 1 series 2014 with cic menu and 6 pin lvds

    Example No.2: BMW 335i xDrive with CIC menu and 6 Pin LVDS, order [B213]
    (with 6 PIN LVDS)

    BMW 335i xdrive with CIC menu and 6 PIN LVDS


    For these car models, if you order a wrong android screen, it can not install to the car (the LVDS connector is different). So, the best way is to remove the dashboard and check the LVDS connector, then it will 100% confirm the car compatibility.







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