What Difference between HIFIMAX BMW Android Screen & Others

If you searching a BMW android screen, you might confuse one question: there are so many different brands and models that look quite similar, all of them with the same appearance, same user interface, same functions, and almost the same descriptions. How to know the difference?


Such kind of " Same Models" all over eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, and many websites, even you are experienced resellers, sometimes is also hard to tell the difference between them. Today, let me tell you how to check the difference for them.


Difference NO.1: Appearance!


A, Normal screen & Anti-reflection screen & Anti-glare blue ray screen.

1, The IPS normal display consists of normal glass, light rays are not absorbed.


2, The IPS anti-reflection screen is an optical glass- colors and contrasts are displayed more intensively, light rays are better absorbed compared to the standard display. Now ALL Hifimax products with this anti-reflection screen (default)


3, The Anti-glare Blue-Ray display is a matt display, it best absorbs falling light rays and is highly recommended for vehicles with a panoramic view and for Cabrio or with a sensitivity to mirrors. That is optional, cost USD35.00, click here


bmw android screen different versions

When you compare the price, make sure they are the same type of product.

B, What difference for HIFIMAX Anti-reflection screen & others?

Most friends are easy to distinguish the anti-reflection screen & the normal screen (the screen with chrome trim), the most regular question is: when 
two of them are anti-reflection screen, how to check the difference between them?

bmw android screen with anti-reflection screen

If you just look at the picture as above, you will find both of them are full black screen, almost the same, for most people (even for many experienced resellers)
are not know their difference, so, please look at the photo below.

HIFIMAX BMW android screen VS others

 From this photo, you will find HIFIMAX BMW android screen with narrower spacing on the edge.


Difference NO.2: UI display area!

When you check the UI display area, you will find the HIFIMAX BMW android screen with a bigger display area than others, although they are the same screen size (10.25'' or 8.8''). You can view the UI from different view angles.

1, Front view.

front view hifimax bmw anti-reflection screen vs others


2, Side view

side view Hifimax BMW anti-reflection screen VS Others

3, Bottom view

hifimax bmw android screen & others view from bottom



Difference NO.3: The mold is different!

Many people now might confuse: why they have such a difference? All of them are 10.25'' display, the software is not the same? In fact, the software & display are the same, the secret is: the mold is different!

For HIFIMAX BMW android screen, between the touch screen and LCD screen, there is no gap, but other models, there is a little gap between the touch panel and LCD, such kind of gap make it different when you view the android screen with different view angle, especially for the side view.

HIFIMAX BMW android screen - the mold with patent protection

hifimax android screen without gap between touch panel and lcd screen

To explain these difference, please take a look at the video below, that might be easier to understand the root reasons.

Video Demo






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