How to choose Apple Carplay & Android Auto for BMW Android Screen?

We offer 3 options for Apple Carplay/Android auto:
1) Built-in Carplay...
2) Wired Dongle
3) Wireless dongle

A lot of new friends are confused when choosing these options, what is difference for 3 options? Which is the best one? This acticle will make clearance on this issue.

3 options for Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Q1: These 3 options support both Apple Carplay and Android Auto?

Yes! Apple Carplay is for iPhone (iOS), Android Auto is for Android OS phone! These 3 options support BOTH Apple Carplay and Android Auto!

Q2: What is the difference between built-in / wired/wireless dongle ?

apple carplay android auto different connection

1, Built-in design:

Built-in Apple Carplay & Android Auto is intergraded this function to the Android screen, It support wireless Apple Carplay, some of new android phone, it also support wireless Android Auto.

2, Wired Dongle:

The wired dongle [CP-03] is an external adapter, it need to connect the USB (wired connection), no matter iPhone or android OS phone.

3, Wireless Dongle:

The Wired dongle [CP-05] is an external wireless adapter, for iPhone, it support wireless connection, also support wired connection (connect USB);
But for Android Phone, you have to connect the USB (wired connection), Android phone NOT support wireless connection.

Tips: Both Wired and wireless dongle use the same App called "Autokit".

Video demo for Wireless Apple Carplay (iPhone)



Q3: How to choose it?

Basically it depand on your needs, we just offer our recommendatons:

>> For the iPhone users, since it support wireless connection, thus, you can choose "Built-in Carplay" Or "Wireless Dongle". If you want to use as wired connection, choose "wireless dongle" or "wired dongle".

If you choose "built-in Carplay" and use as wired connection, the other USB on the back of Android screen will stop working. The "built-in Carplay" mainly designed for wireless connection.


>> For Android Phone users, if your phone is old model, you can choose " Built-in " or " wired dongle".

But if your phone support wireless Android Auto (Only a number of android phone support wireless connection, such as Galaxy S8, S8+ etc ), then recommend the "built-in" Android Auto, that way, it will be wireless connection.

  Video demo for Wireless Android Auto (Android phone)



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