How to choose Apple Carplay & Android Auto for BMW Android Screen?

Now we offer 2 options for Apple Carplay & Android auto:
(1) Built-in Carplay...
(2) Wireless dongle

How to choose it? What is the difference?

built-in carplay and external wireless carplay adapter options

Both support Apple Carplay and Android Auto?

Yes! Apple Carplay is for iPhone (iOS), Android Auto is for Android OS phone! This 2 options support BOTH Apple Carplay and Android Auto!

Q2: What is the difference between built-in / external dongle ?

what is the difference for built-in carplay and external carplay dongle

For IPhone user:
Both built-in design and External dongle are support wireless connection for Apple Carplay, the price for built-in design is cheaper (USD30),
thus, that is easy to choose it.

For Android phone users:
If your Android Phone is new model, such as Samsung S8+, it support wireless Android Auto (check it from google's website), both built-in design and external dongle are support wireless connection. But if your Android phone is old model, it does't have wireless Android Auto, in that case, you have to connect the USB and use as Wired connection.

Below are video demo for you:

Wireless Apple Carplay (iPhone) - External dongle


 Wireless Android Auto (External dongle, new model)

Wireless Android Auto (Samsung S8+), Buit-in Android Auto:



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