iDrive system

IDrive system is the abbreviation of intelligent-Drive system, a unique intelligent driving control system of BMW company. Here just talking two points related to our Android screen


1,Factory iDrive work same as before, and it can work in our Android menu.

bmw idrive system


2, In some models, we offer iDrive system to improve user experience

The models with idrive knob inclued:
B251 (For BMW 1 series E87 without screen)
B273, B293 (For BMW 3 series E90 ~ E93 without screen)
B219 (For BMW X1 E84 without factory screen)
B283, B283D (For BMW X3 E83)

For these car models, normally it don't have factory screen, after install our android screen, touch screen is ok but not perfect the use experience.
Thus we offer the iDrive knob, and the price was included this iDrive.

For B224 ( For BMW Z4 E89), The iDrive is optional, that is extra cost.

One thing might be notice is: For B251, B283, B283D , we have the iDrive knob that suitable for the Left Hand Drive car model ONLY. For Right Hand Drive car type, we not have it.

add new iDrive to the car
 (iDrive knob for B283/B283D - for left hand drive only)