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FAQs > : Why need to check the LVDS for the BMW CIC made in 2012-2014?

If your car with BMW CIC interface and made in 2012-2014, it need to check the LVDS (LVDS is the video cable connect between the radio head unit and the display). 

bmw cic interface and original LVDS

Normally, the CIC system should have 4 pins LVDS, but some cars has 6 pins LVDS (usually made in 2012-2014), in that case, it needs to install NBT model (with 6 pin LVDS).

bmw cic with 4 pin lvds bmw nbt with 6 pin lvds


If LVDS = 4 PIN, order CIC
If LVDS= 6 PIN, order NBT

To check the LVDS, it need to remove the dashboard, it is easy to identify the LVDS type (4 pins or 6 pins). When you see the photo as below, it is 6 pins (it included extra 2 cables), no need to remove it from the display.

6 pin LVDS example

The LVDS is the video cable connect between the head unit and the display, the connector is the same, thus, you can also check it over the back of radio head unit.

Since we met a lot case like this, especially for BMW X3 F25,1 series F20/F21, 5 series F10...  it need to check the LVDS if the car made in 2012-2014 with CIC menu. But for BMW X1 E84 (2009-2015), it just CIC version (4PIN) only.

Notice : If you order the wrong model, the only way is to return to manufactuer, the CIC & NBT is completely different system, it not just a LVDS cable.... buyer have to pay the shipping cost, that is big trouble for both of us.