FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Plug and play? Do I need to program or code my BMW?

It is plug and play installation, it don't need to program or code the car.

it has the same plugs and harness as the original BMW system, no damage the car, it keep original radio head unit in the car, just replace the screen only, thus, you can keep ALL original functions after replaced with android screen.

Q2: The iDrive, steering wheel button can work on the Android side? The original car interface will display on the android screen?

The factory car interface & vehicle info will display on the android screen, such as Sirius/XM radio, car info, etc. The iDrive, steering wheel buttons works in the factory interface same as before, also can work on the Android menu.

But for the car WITHOUT original screen (contains storage box),
since it without OEM menu, thus, it will NOT show in the Android screen.
It keep the original function, just operate the buttons on the original CD/Radio panel, same as before.

Here is a video demo (as an example) 

Q3: The sound of the android screen work through factory AUX? Will the sound work through the existing speakers?

For the BMW CCC/CIC/NBT model, the sound of the android screen work through "AUX"; For the BMW EVO, the sound work through USB.

The android screen itself without amplifier inside, thus, the sound work through
BMW sound system (amplifier & speakers).

Q4: When using GPS navigation, can I listen to the radio/cd/music on the back?

Yes, the android GPS navigation and radio/CD/music can work at the same time. So, you can watch the navigation interface while driving and enjoy the music/radio on the back at the same time.

Q5: What is the difference between the " built-in Carplay" and "External Carplay"? Does it support Android Auto?

All our BMW android screen can add the "The Apple Carplay /Android Auto " (Hereinafter as "Carplay"), it not only support Apple Carplay(iOS Phone),but also support "Android Auto" (for Android OS phone).

(1) The "Built-in Carplay" is it make the hardware (for Carplay/Android auto) inside of the Android Screen, the App name "Zlink". It is extra cost, it work after it activated (extra cost).

For the "built-in Carplay", iPhone it support wireless connection, for the android phone, it have two situation: if your android phone support wireless Android auto (you can check it through Google's website), it support wireless connection; but if your android phone is old model, it not support wireless android auto, then you have to connect the USB when use it.

(2) The "External Carplay dongle" is an adapter that connect to the android screen via USB when use it, it have two models:
"Wired dongle" [CP-03]  and "Wireless + wired dongle" [CP-05]

The "Wired dongle (CP-03)", no matter for the iPhone or the Android phone, you have to connect the USB.

The "Wireless + wired dongle" (CP-05), for iPhone, it is wireless connection(also support wired connection), but for the Android phone, you still have to connect the USB (wired connection).

Apple Carplay and Android Auto comparison

Q6: Can you provide GPS Maps for navigation?

We can pre-install navigation maps for your country FOR FREE,
normally we offer iGO map for testing. You can also buy the "original" version on your own. You can also download other kind of maps, like Google maps, Waze, etc. With the Google maps, you can get the most accurate and up-to-date routes, live traffic data, etc.

Q7: The price on the site included the shipping cost? And Tax?

It included the shipping cost, but not included the tax in your country.

For some shipping zone/countries, there is an extra delivery cost.
You can add the items to the cart and calculate the price on the shopping cart page.


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