FAQs > Bluetooth> Q2: How to make the correct setting for Bluetooth?

The settings for Android Bluetooth, that is a bit difference between the PX6 & Qualcomm model.

For the PX6 model:

Access to the factory setup menu (the password is 1314), then check the settings for Bluetooth. When you use the android Bluetooth, should choose
"ARM Bluetooth", it means aftermarket Bluetooth.

If you just like to use original Bluetooth, then choose " Original Bluetooth"

Settings for bluetooth: choose ARM Bluetooth

The android Bluetooth, you should choose" Feiyitong" module. After chosen it, restart the car.

Bluetooth settings: Choose Feiyitong module


For the Qualcomm model:

Access to the factory setup menu (password is 070305), then choose "BT" as below, also choose " Android Bluetooth", then restart the car.

If you like to use the original Bluetooth, then choose "OEM Bluetooth".

android bluetooth setting

android bluetooth setup


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