FAQs > Backup camera> Q3: How to make the settings for the backup camera?

OEM backup camera
If your car with the original backup camera, please make sure:
(1) Well connect all original connectors (on the back of head unit)
(2) Go to settings, and set the
backup camera as  OEM camera,
then will be ok.

Aftermarket camera
If you install a new backup camera (aftermarket camera). please make sure:
(1) Install the backup camera as the instructions on this page, it needs to follow this guidance 100%. (CAN NOT connect the backup camera to reverse light!!)

(2)  Go to settings, and set the
backup camera as Aftermarket Camera.

(3) If the backup camera you installed is not an AHD camera, please don
t choose this function, if not, it can not show correctly.

 AHD camera settings


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