Delivery Time: 0.5~3 Business days
Send By DHL /UPS/Fedex
For some countries (e.g. South of America), send by EMS or Special airline, to avoid customs problem.

Shipping Address:
When Pay by Paypal, please confirm the shipping address same as the one in your Paypal account, we send the order to Paypal confirmed address only.
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Tax & Custom Fees:
Our price NOT included the Tax or custom fees in your side, for most EU countries, VAT can be paid in advance ( click here), in that case, the order will sent by DPD or Parcelforce,it take 8-15 days delivery. Read more to learn about tax or custom fees

Keep in Touch After Order:
After you place an order, we will contact you shortly, please offer the real contact information and check your mails after order.

1, Send us a picture of your original screen with main menu on screen

2. Car Model and Year.