How to add BMW ID8 style UI to BMW Android navigation?

How to upgrade the firmware and add the BMW ID8 style UI to BMW Android navigation?

This acticle is the guide to upgrade the firmware and add the latest BMW ID8 (BMW iDrive 8) style menu to old Android 11 models. Please so kind to read this blog post carefully before operation.


Q1: Which models can be upgraded with ID8 menu?

1) For now, only the Android 11 model (snapdragon 662) can be upgraded with ID8 menu. The Android 11 model can be identify via it's system info
(the path is : settings/ system info).

bmw android gps system inforation

"Ksw" is the code of R&D company (software developer & core board supplier).

"ALS" is the product code, all our products with this code, other seller's products with different product code.

"CIC" (example), is the iDrive version for your car, you can identify the "OEM " type by checking this info (about "OEM", will talk in details as below content)

"v1.8.9" is the current software OS version, for now, it need to update the software to 2.4.2, then can add the ID8 menu.

"11-662", it means your android screen is base on "Android 11, using snapdragon 662 CPU", it support to add ID8 menu.

2) For the Android 10 model (snapdragon 625, 8953) or PX6 model (android 8.1/9) , since it's hardware is different, it can NOT be upgraded, they not support.

BMW GPS with android 10 or android 9.0 (PX6 ) model is not fit

3) If you bought the unit from other sellers (can identify by product code "ALS"), we NOT recommend using our software to update it, because your unit might be different, it might harmful to your Android system, we don't take any responsibility for the trouble you might have (if you keep doing that) ,
ou should contact your seller and get the correct software for your unit.


Q2: What need to notice when updating the firmware?

Double check and make sure your model is Android 11 model (snapdragon 662), please notice, the version 2.4.2 is support ID8 menu (in the future, might upgrade to other newer version), thus, the target is to update the firmware to 2.4.2 os, but please notice important tips:

(1) If your original version is lower than 1.4.5 OS (such as 1.4.0), you should upgrade the firmware to 1.4.5 first, after that, update to 2.2.3 OS, finally update to 2.4.2 version.

(2) If your original version is 1.4.5, or above this version (for example, 1.4.5 or 1.5.3), you need update it to 2.2.3 first, after that, finally update to 2.4.2 version.

(3) After update to 2.4.2, the ID8 will NOT shown in the in the factory setup menu, It need you to update the "OEM" firmware. 

 how to update firmware for BMW Android GPS with ID8 UI menu

Q3: Where to download the package?

Android 2.2.3 package (1.55GB): Ksw-R-M600_OS_v2.2.3-ota (Download)
Android 2.4.2 package (1.58GB): Ksw-R-M600_OS_v2.4.2-ota (Download)


OEM for CCC/CIC/NBT (16.2KB), (Download)
OEM for EVO (15.0KB) (Download)
oem firmware

(Note: For now, the latest OS is 2.4.2, we will continue to update with latest version, thus, the link might be changed if need)


Q4: How to update the firmware? Step by step guide

Here just make an example, if your unit is Android OS : 1.8.9, according to above instruction, you should upgrade the firmware to 2.2.3 first, after that, continue to update it to 2.4.2.

Update Steps:

(1) Download the firmware (Q3 as montioned above)

(2) Prepare a U-disk (Better less than 8GB, format FAT32).

(3) Copy the " Ksw-R-M600_OS_v2.2.3-ota" (a zipper, do NOT unzip it, just copy the package you download) , and put it to the ROOT of U-disk.

(4) Connect the U-disk to USB from Android screen ( make sure the car engine is power on during update)

(5) Just wait few seconds, the windows will pop up a message:

do you want to upgrade now?

You click " yes", then it will start to update the software itself, the update need about 4-7 mintues, it has a progress bar to show the update process, after update, it will restart the android screen, after that, you can remove the U-disk from the USB, then will be ok.
progress bar for update

5) After the update, you can go to the settings, and click "system info", then will see the new OS version (2.2.3). then continue update it to Android 2.4.2 OS by using "Ksw-R-M600_OS_v2.4.2-ota" . The update steps are ALL the same).


1, If you use TF card (micro-SD card) to load the software, we recommend use Class 10 type Micro-SD, to ensure the speed of files transfer when update it.
2, During update, you should keep car engine power on.


During the software updating, it CAN NOT power off the car engine, can not cut off the power, if not, it might big trouble and make it should know and afford this risk on your own, we don't have any responsibility on this. 

5, How to update the "OEM"?

The "OEM" is very small software, it just need few seconds when update it.

But you need to notice two points:

(1) There are two kind of "OEM" files, one is for CCC/CIC/NBT car types; an other one is for EVO car type. If you don't know what is CCC/CIC/NBT & EVO? please click here.

An other way to identify the "OEM " type is by checking "system info".
For example, if the MCU version show "NBT", it means your car is NBT iDrive system, then you should choose " OEM file (for CCC/CIC/NBT)(16.2KB), all CCC, CIC, NBT are using the same OEM file.
the iDrive version shown on system info of BMW GPS

For EVO, The latest EVO model, it just show "EVO" on MCU version,
But some old EVO model, they will show these format: "ID5 X1", "ID6 X1", "ID6 5S" "ID5 5S",  as you know, the ID5 or ID6 are belong to EVO, so, choose OEM file (for EVO) (15.0KB).

BMW EVO Idrive version shown on system info

(2) After download the "OEM" (zip file), it need to unzip the file (decompress it),
This is different to the App firmware (2.2.3 / 2.4.2), after unzip it, you will see a folder name "OEM", inside is " factory_config.xml". you should copy the folder "OEM" to the root of U-disk.

The correct is (inside of the U disk, it just ONLY ONE folder named "OEM"), The patch should be :

U-disk: OEM/ factory_config.xml

All below 4 case are mistake (a lot of friends made mistake):
(NO.1 has two folder; NO.2 is unzip the file, NO.3 is the firmware in the root of U-disk, NO.4 is copy the folder we named, all these case, system can not detect and read it)

U-disk: OEM/OEM/ factory_config.xml

U-disk: OEM.rar

U-disk: factory_config.xml

U-disk:OEM- for EVO/OEM/factory_config.xml 

6, About support of firmware update?

Some friends might need support when update the firmware, if you are HIFIMAX customer, you can send us the email directly, tell us your order number
(it is need).All HIFIMAX customers enjoy free firmware update and life-time email or online supports. 

If you bought the products from other reseller / dealer / distributor, we reserve the rights when offer the service, we suggest you to check with your sellfer directly. We dislike to jump over our cooperated dealer and talk with their customers directly.



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