FAQs > Carplay & Android Auto> Q1: Why external Carplay/Android Auto dongle better than "built-in" design? 

We make a lot of tests for the  built-in  Carplay/Android Auto. No matter it is a wired or wireless connection, the  built-in  always have some “flaw” when using it, such as the PX6 models with built-in wired Apple Carplay, if disconnect the USB cable without exit the Carplay App (Zlink), it might frozen the screen, you have to restart the android unit, this is a little trouble.

And for the Qualcomm model, when connecting to built-in Carplay through the wireless mode (IPhone), It take 4-5 minutes, of course, this is just happening in the first time, if you access it next time, since your cellphone have stored the device name & password of Carplay, it could be ok to connect it within few seconds, but if you forget the devoice name/ password, like reset the cellphone, or change the phone, you have to take 5-6 minutes connection again, since the wireless connection is relied on the network. Some customers bought the built-in models, but after a few days, they have to order the external wired/wireless Carplay dongle again.

Compare to the built-in design, we recommend an external wired dongle, or wireless dongle (can also be wired connection). They are professional kit and easier to connect it, and fewer troubles. It is also easier to update the APP version.


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